Yes, Some of these web pages look OLD, and their Design is unpolished and even ugly — but that’s why they are here — they aren’t the “first hits” you will find with Google.  These are “diamonds” in the rough. 😉

Obviously with the internet there are 1000’s of links on some subjects.  Do your own research and if you find good things, please comment on Facebook.  


Missionary Biographies  A list of great men and women and an online biography. 

More Great Christian Biographies  Yes, even more. 

PDF’s Missionary Biographies.  Here is an internet link to a bibliography of about 100 titles of biographies about godly, mission-spirited Christians. The link provides, title, author, and a direct link to download the book in pdf. Click Here.

Stories from Beyond the Edge — Great stories of Frontier Missionaries.  (Get it cheap, used, at .

Here is a collection of old rare books that demonstrate living with quiet humility, suffering
wrongfully-righteously, friendship based on sacrifice, unconditional love and living passionately for Jesus Christ. They are didactic family literature (stories intended to be read aloud to children of all ages)Rare Books.


Celebrate the Biblical holidays.  Messianic insights teaching us of Jesus through the Feasts instituted by God. Click here

Develop Disciples

  • FX Discipleship Manual.  Download a complete PDF leadership manual for teenagers; >Click Here
  • Young Disciples.  An excellent junior and early teen magazine — fantastic thematic stories and engaging lessons. Weekly. 
  • Bible memorization tools from FAST: It is the best discipling system and accountability.Click Here
  • A full curriculum produced by Walk Thru the Bible, helping build elementary-age kids’ character and world vision. Click Here

Elevate Evangelism

  • Promote witnessing web sites: stamp them on letters, write them in pamphlets and tracts, put them in phone booths. (These are websites that teach the gospel. ) Here are a few:
  •   BibleUniverse.comClick Here
  • Click Here
  • Click Here
  • Also you might buy gospel tracts for children to pass out.  Like from  Glow  or   or sharing books with life transformation testimonies like these from Remnant Publications.  Living Waters 

Favor Food

  • Fantastic international recipes. Click Here
  • Recipes from around the world, just for kids. Click Here
  • Your personal guide to fasting. Prepared by Campus Crusade “The Cru”, you will find this a complete and helpful resource. Click Here

Garden Geography

  • To purchase the book Operation World: Click Here
  • has some excellent books for children featured.  Click Here 

Hatch History

 Everyman History is an excellent website from a Christian author:  Click Here

Invest in International Friendships

  • Foreign student exchange programs: Click Here
  • Reach the World Next Door — an excellent training kit (with DVD) on how you can get involved in refugee families living in your area.  Click Here 

Joy in Jesus

            The Jesus Film. Click Here

            John – For God So loved the World. Click Here

Kindle Kindness

  • Evangelism and character collide in one word. Kindness. If you are looking for low stress, low planning, high personal contact opportunities to let your kids express a little kindness then check out this fantastic PDF list of 94 ideas.  Click Here
  • Visit  More thoughts, ideas and resources.   Click Here

Laud Language Learning

  • The resources available on the web for language learning are too many to list.  Some of them are downright fun.  Buusu for example uses a garden them — to keep your plants alive you “water them” by learning new words!  For a run down on some great sites:  Click Here
  • KidsSpeak. A special language course prepared by Transparent Language just for children ages 5-13. Click Here

Magnify Music and Memorization

Scripture Memorization resources

  • Fantastic free apps  for memorization are numberous.  An #1 rated App for iphone/android/and computer is  ScriptureTyper  .   Another excellent app for Android is RememberMe    program to help you and your kids memorize verses.
  • Here are some tips on Bible memorization, memorization coaching, and verse memorization games. Click Here
  • FAST bible memorization plan is moving rapidly around the world. Complete memorization system, with printed memory cards, discipleship courses, team accountability. Click Here
  • The number #1 resource for Bible memorization . . . paper and pencil! 

Music and Scripture

  • The most complete list of scripture song links on the web. This list includes a wide range of musical styles and traditions. It lists sources for scripture songs that are available through Audio CD, Computer CD, Cassette, MP3, and Sheet Music.Click Here  
  • ScriptureSinger — an app with over a 100 beautifully recorded scripture songs.  Now also online.  

Offer Outward Bound

  • True current stories of adventure. Nothing gory or lurid. Just ordinary people and the natural world, from diving, to climbing, to flying, to rescue and relief.  Click Here

Promote Prayer 

  • Here is a Christian website that has international prayer needs for unreached people groups. They have excellently prepared bulletin inserts. If your World Changer is looking for a church-related prayer ministry, they can stuff bulletins regularly to keep the church prayerfully considering the needs of the world. Click Here
  •  Prayer Saturated Kids.  Click Here

Relish Research


  • William Carey Library
    This is the largest “missions bookstore” in existence. From basic mission stories to courses in anthropology you can find it here. The link above is just mission books for youth.
  • Voice of the Martyrs Posters, clothing, books and video seminars. The real life stories of modern martyrs and Christian persecution are vivid pictures that are faith strengthening supplements to any growing Christian’s reading spectrum.  
  • Intervarsity / Urbana A wide variety of books on mission subjects ranging from missionary biographies to understanding Buddhism to building bridges to the world’s most poor.  


Global Mapping International -A plethora of excellent mission maps and statistics on different CD’s, posters, and books describing the needs and peoples of the 10/40 window.

This is perhaps the most complete list of serious mission web research and links for those looking to dive deeper.  Click Here 


Southern Nazarene University. Absolutely the best collection of mission promotion materials and mission education resources. Learn about missions stategy, past, present and future, teach your church or S.S. about missions, learn how to mobilize others for missions. Click Here


  • Global Mapping International. Understanding the problems, the people and the possibilities. The best complete list of serious mission research links of the unreached peoples on the web: Click Here
  • Need some mission maps?  Click Here 
  • Ethnologue. The gospel travels through language. To learn how missionary organizations lay plans for reaching the over 7000 languages and the tens of thousands of dialects in the world, take time on this site.  Thanks to Wycliffe Bible translators who help us understand the relationship of different languages.


  • A powerful library of 22 real life 30 minute movies about the lives of  frontier missionaries and the risk and reward of frontier mission work. Featuring the unique culture and beliefs of the tribes and people from the missionaries’ labor. Click Here
  • A bit dated, but a powerful message of gospel advance in New Guinea EE-Tau.  Click Here 

Stimulate Sacrifice and Savings

Fantastic free resource, “School of Kingdom Economics.” Sixty three teachable lessons on God and money! Click Here

Tend to Time

Urge Urban

Value Visitation

Reward Work

eXalt Excellence

Yearn for Yield

Zero-In on Zion

Create a mission statement

Franklin Covey has designed a website that helps to forge the critical mold for a mission statement. If you have a young person who is trying to scratch out a mission statement, have them go through this eight-screen web journey. Then help them clarify to create their mission statement. Build Your Mission Statement Now

Hold a Tournament

In his intriguing book, “The On-Purpose Person, Making your life make sense,” parable- maker Kevin McArthy tells the story of a man seeking to zero-in. He meets an “on-purpose” person who gives him a jewel of truth and sends him on his way to meet a series of “on-purpose” mentors. Through the process, he gleans insight into how to zero-in on his own life mission. This is a short powerful, five star book. I recommend it highly if you counsel teenagers seeking to understand the direction their life should go. It would be an easy read for a teen or young adult. Available from NavPress.