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Third Printing

I praise God for the good reception that Grow A World Changer is receiving. We have just printed a 1000 more books! May the seeds planted yield a great harvest for the kingdom! Everywhere I am receiving words from mother’s saying, “we love this book.”

Becoming the vision

I have been watching the 2012 Olympics a bit at night. The swimmers and gymnasts are massive and strong from years of practice. I was thinking about their physical condition. Most times we think of someone as especially strong because they have prepared to do what ever they have set out to do. In other words their physical condition is a result of their practice, and exercise program etc. But really we could take that one step higher and say that their physical condition is a direct result of their their vision. They have become what they set out to do. They physically have become different, shaped, healthy, ideal, and amazingly capable, because of what they saw in their mind. And what they saw in their mind, changed what they did daily. And the daily is who they are.