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By Barnabas Hope

God has extraordinary plans for your child. "Grow a World Changer" is an unforgettable journey into the realm of destiny and possibility. Ordinary children became extraordinary leaders because a visionary adult takes intentional thought to plant seeds of greatness in their heart. "Grow a World Changer" gives you new tools to unlock the work of character development and identity formation. Truly, "The hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world." Packed with story and resource, the book helps you to help children recognize their God given power to effect change in an upside down world. Humorous allegory, captivating examples, and seriously challenging questions, make this a cover to cover read. Grow A World Changer is gaining five star reviews. As one leader who oversees 20 private schools in six states said, “This book is absolute gold.

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What You Will Learn

God has extraordinary plans for your child. "Grow a World Changer" is an unforgettable journey into the mind of God. Building on a biblical foundation of Bible greats, Daniel. Moses. Esther. "Grow a World Changer" explores the work of character development and identity formation. Packed with story, and resource, the book bridges well theory and practical aspects for helping children recognize their God given power to effect change in the world. Humorous allegory, captivating examples, and seriously challenging questions, make this a cover to cover read.
Children Our Future
Where will the church, our government, and society find leaders in the future who are moral, intelligent, and unyielding to the pressure of ever crumbling society? Character leaders are raised, not discovered.
Conversation Strategy
Coach a child. Learn how to ask better questions, to help children discover the logic behind God's point of view.
Activities Throughout
Useable and engaging assignments for a lasting impact.


Grow A World Changer has two major sections. The first is on fire with the author's full out passion to sell you on the importance of looking at your child as more than "just a kid." It will inspire and motivate you to look at your world, your child, and your role differently. The second section is practical "how to's" and resources that literally go A-Z in ways to build a world-changing worldview for your child.


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Chapter 1

What do you believe about your child? What vision do you have about thier future? How do you see their early years empowering their adult years? I believe a personal Holy Spirit yearns to take a surrendered young person and gift them and challenge them and use them to wildly delight the angels and cast down demonic strongholds. As God spoke to Jeremiah as a boy, as God made promises to Samuel as a boy, David as a boy, and Naaman’s young servant girl, so too today He is seeking the response of the young. A child needn’t wait for degrees or titles to change the world. However, they must learn to listen, to love what is innocent, to hate that which is evil.


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Chapter 2

Cultivation is God’s chosen means to let you participate in making His dreams come true. God set Adam and Eve to be cultivators to facilitate growth, and His expectations haven’t changed. We can’t make anybody or anything grow, but we can alter the conditions so growth is favorable, even likely.


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Chapter 3

Identity is the wellspring from which kids derive their self-concept or self-esteem. It is as equally present whether daydreaming on their pillow or stepping into a room full of teenagers they have never met before. If a right identity has been secured, their self-concept slips comfortably into the faith position of lapping the cool calm and even drinking the cup of joy of knowing they are accepted by, secure in, and significant to Jesus. An identity that goes back to this solid “I’m ‘somebody’ because GOD believes in me,” is what traction is to a high jumper, buoyancy is to a kayaker, and lift to the hang glider.


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Chapter 4

To be a World Changer is striving for a lifestyle of character that is gaining momentum. toward a God-appointed destiny. Little Samuel sleeping on the floor of the sanctuary was a World Changer. He was destined to anoint the most passionate follower of God ever as king of Israel. Can you imagine his little bed roll spread out with slippers set in a neat pair by the door? As a six year old, he WAS a World Changer by being dutiful about the job God had given him. His job was to keep the lamps burning in the holy place so the little sentry took his assignment to heart and slept on the floor next to the candles! Faithful.

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What Readers Say About Book

There has been lot's of praise for this book. The proof of it's value has been in many readers coming back and buying a box of 10-20 for their friendship circle! They are sold. "Once I started reading, I just couldn't put it down."
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Saung Aye

This is an excellent book! I recommend every family to have it. We are homeschooling and doing the Moore philosophy and they aligned together. I learned about it from the Moore Academy and they highly recommend it. It tells every parents how to grow and rear child who cares for the world at large. It touches every character we need to focus on and help our child find their purpose and be the best person they can be. We use it for devotionals so we could really learn and understand it and apply the suggestions for our family. Grab it while you can! This is very good for gifting too! Your love ones will thank you for it!


I started reading it this morning and let me tell you, if you have kids and you want them be world changers for Christ, than this book is for you! This is a great resource for Youth Pastors, Teachers, PARENTS (especially), and others who are involved with children of all ages. There are tons of testamonies from children, youth and the author himself; as well as learning activities, and good solid foundational advice from the educational experiences of the author AND learned men and women of the Bible

testimonial avatar
testimonial avatars

My wife and I both valued this book - in fact, we've bought a few copies for friends and recommended it for many others. There is solid, practical, and easy to absorb information. It is value-based and not behavior based. The author tells stories, explains principles, and clearly understands the challenges of raising Christ-following disciples in a culture of uncertainty. You can't go wrong with this book!

Michael J. Jaquez

I awarded this book five stars because I couldn't give it six. A most useful, God-inspired, must-own resource for anyone who works with children, youth or young adults. This is not a one-time read. I continue to highlight sections and make notes in the margins of my bedside copy. Grow A World Changer is a book that you will revisit time and time again for encouragement, guidance and inspiration. You will buy copies and hand them out to your friends and family!

testimonial avatar
testimonial avatars

very good strategy and thought out book that can make a difference!!!

Thrifty Shopper

Grow a World Changer is a great resource for parents who want help raising their children to be free to live for God and others. Our society teaches children that life is all about them. This book equips parents to give their children something greater than themselves to live for. I was blessed by the thorough reasoning defining God's ultimate plan for His people. The vast array of resources including books, websites, and organizations is very helpful. After reading through the book, going back again and writing down my own notes, and researching the various resources, I am on my way to being able to model for my children what a godly world changer looks like in everyday life. I highly recommend this book and would love to see every home, school, and church putting it to use. My only critique would be the website, which seems largely inactive since the book was written.

testimonial avatar
testimonial avatars
Ruthie Flynn

This is a creative, comprehensive resource for parents who are seeking to nurture in their children an attitude of compassion and unselfish service to their community and to the entire world.

Know The Author

Barnabas Hope is a pen name. (At the time of writing the author and his family were serving as church planters in a country that is not receptive toward Christian work.)
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After ten years of work abroad, Barnabas continues to work internationally, but is based with his wife and two boys in the United States. Happily married, "Barnabas" is now a coach / chaplain to professionals working as expats. Barnabas Hope has been published in Guideposts Magazine and numerous other journals including Children’s Leader. He has been a pastor, motivational speaker, business consultant and a life coach. He is well known for his interesting seminar presentations.

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Grow a World Changer will motivate and train you to cultivate seeds of kingdom aspirations in children. Rock solid Bible principles are coupled with practical suggestions and inspiring,null motivating true stories to make this a book you won’t put down.
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